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As you State Representative for the last 6 years, I have been honored to work on various issues that make Kansas a better place to raise a family.  When I was elected, I was elected on a set of core principals that remain unchanged.  Please take a look below on where I stand on key issues that affect you and your family.

Tough on Crime

As your Representative for the last 6 years, I have served on the Corrections / Juvenile Justice Committee and served as Chairman for the past 3 years. During my tenure, I have introduced and assisted in the passing of many laws that ensured criminals would be held accountable.  They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Increased penalties on Fentanyl distribution, manufacturing and usage that endangers children.
  2. Increased penalties for killing or harming a police animal.
  3. Enhancing penalties to juveniles who refuse to complete their treatment.
  4. Increased access to drug treatment and mental health treatment.
  5. Comprehensive reforms to the Civil Asset Forfeiture process.
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Battling the Board Crisis

While the border is primarily a federal issue, we must do our part to ensure Kansan's remain safe.  The Director of the KBI Tony Mattavi has said "every ounce of fentanyl in Kansas has come across the southern boarder."  With drugs pouring across the border and human trafficking spiking in our state, I created the crime of human smuggling and authorized the Kansas National Guard to head to the border.   Read More

Fighting Bindenflation

Inflation is wrecking family budgets with costs creeping higher and higher at the grocery store.  I went to work delivering the elimination of sales tax on groceries and indexing tax relief to fight inflation. Read More

Delivering Tax Relief

As families struggle with an economy that is leaving too many behind, I developed a plan to simply the tax code, eliminate the income tax on social security, and reduce property taxes.  Read More

Strong 2nd Amendment Supporter

As a board member of the Kansas State Rifle Association, I have stood strong on protecting your second amendment rights. Our nation is stronger because our forefathers understood how important this right it.  I will continue to fight to protect it. Read More

Medicaid Expansion is NOT right for Kansas!

The Governor has made adding taxpayer funded free health care for the 18-64 year old able bodied individual a priority while leaving the physically and mentally disabled on a wait list that has seen some wait more than a decade for services they still haven't received.  This is simply wrong.  Please read on for more details. Read More

Medical Marijuana

I am very hesitant to believe legalizing marijuana is going to be beneficial for Kansas.  As the Chairman of the Corrections / Juvenile Justice Committee, I have seen the impacts of marijuana on children.  Is easier and more access what is best for our youth?  I don't believe so.  However, I remain open to further conversations on this topic to see if there is a way forward. Read More

Sex Change Surgery for Minors MUST BE BANNED!

I firmly believe that children should not undergo sex change surgeries.  As a father of three children and two granddaughters, I have a strong understanding of what kids go through as they begin to understand who they are.  They look to their parents for guidance and understanding.   Permanent, life altering surgeries should be reserved for adults making that choice. Read More

Stephen Owens for State Senate
Kaitlyn Rostetter, Treasurer
PO Box 606
Hesston, KS 67062
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